"Two Step" Assassination

This one technique is to be used with any pointed dagger or knife and mastering it should enable you to stop a person from moving by disconnecting their brain stem or higher spine area within about 5 seconds. It is very effective and does not produce as much blood as a strike attacking the throat vains of the target, enabling you to produce a wider variety of distractions or disarmamentations using the corpse.

Your first step is to gain hold of the targets two breathing areas (the nose and the mouth) by reaching around from behind them, squeezing their left and right nostril shut using your index finger and thumb, and pressing their jaw upwards to shut the mouth. In this state the target cannot breathe and will become unconscious if you hold them long enough you can use this instead to kill them because if you keep the air passages closed for around three minutes, the target will die of suffocation, forgive me for the digression, it is just something useful to know, I will continue now.

Your next movement will be to raise the knife to the back of his neck and make ether a strait or upward incision there. This will likely rupture the higher spine area making them a vegetable and completely unable to move, or you can pierce in farther and cut the brain stem, disconnecting the brain from all senses and controls other than thought, meaning they stop moving altogether even though they are not officially dead already.


If you are trying to penetrate the brain stem, try using a knife long enough to actually touch it in the first place, just so you know.

(Written by Silent Justice-Image from neuroskills.com)

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