Suitonjutsu is the shinobi discipline of water related escape skills. Water was used to escape dogs, travel covertly, distract and even attack. The shinobi used special swimming techniques to enter and leave situations discretely as well as escape quickly. The ninja's method of swimming usually involved swimming either completely submerged in a manner similar to the side stroke or with the top of the head above the surface.
Some common techniques used to escape that involved water are described below:
*A ninja prepares a section of a waterway by putting stones below the surface and runs across them at a time with low visibility to appear to be walking across the surface of the water.
*A ninja throws a large object into the water as a distraction while escaping on land.
*A ninja hides a small boat or water craft along the banks of a river and uses it as a means of rapid escape.
*A ninja gently floats downstream while covered in vegetation after a storm, appearing to be a freshly broken tree limb.

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