Seishin-teki kyôyô

Seishin-teki kyôyô

Points for spiritual refinement:
Knowing one's self
Knowing nature
Destiny (can be translated as calling)
The Heart
The Eye

"Nobody can use the bathroom for you; you must relieve your suffering in your own way. If you are done relieving your suffering, then your mind will be a polished mind, like a mirror, it will reflect clearly on the moment, undistracted by your needs."

Meditation is a great way to develop a polished mind. It makes you calm and relaxed, And you will be able to control your adrenaline by making sure, You are always calm, Therefore always low, And you wont have to worry about freezing up. Ok, Now let's move on to some meditation methods.

Find a quite place, Dry and comfortable, Then sit down. When you breath in through your nose, Your stomach pushes out, Breath in through your nose, and your stomach sucks in. Relax, And stay calm, Try just to be a rock, Feel as if you are a rock, No obligations. Feel all your obligations, Need's and worries fly out the door. Now focus on only onr thought, Like a car, then focus on one part of the car the tire. Only think about the tire. And keep focusing on it, Until all the other thoughts leave. Now focus on your breathing In through the nose, Out through the nose, Have a whole thought pattern on this. This is a great method, And I suggest daily meditation.

Now I want you to get Some paper and a pen. Write down everything bad you have ever done on a few sheets of paper, And all the bad qualities about yourself. Do this for one week or adleast until you think its done. Then write down all the good qualities about yourself and good things you have done. Be honest with yourself if you want this to actually work. And then when your done. Look over the bad qualities and make solutions on fixing them, And actually implement them. And then try to make your good qualities shine more.

This part is for knowing your destiny, Or your calling. What I want you to do is, Picture what you want to be, or your dream job, Or Exactly how you want your life to be like, And what you want. Now write down What you want to be, And have. Be honest here. Then on the piece of paper you wrote it on, Make a solution on how to follow through with that plan.

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